Sunil Narine: IPL 2020: Good news for KKR team, top players to return – IPL 2020: Sunil Narine’s action cleared by ipl’s suspect bowling action committee


Abu Dhabi: As the Kolkata Knight Riders begin their match on Sunday, there is good news for them. So far, for some reason, one of his bowlers has not played in the last few matches. But the veteran bowler can now return to the field. A few days back, KKR’s top bowler Sunil Narine was warned for his illegal bowling style. But now he has got the green light to play in the IPL.

In the match against Kings XI Punjab, Narine bowled the decisive over and gave KKR the victory. But after the match, Narine’s bowling style was reported to be illegal. Narin was then warned. But then the bowling committee in the IPL revisited Narine’s bowling. The committee has since allowed Narin to play in the IPL.

The IPL said in a statement, “Kolkata Knight Riders spinner Sunil Narine’s bowling style was reported to be illegal. We then issued the first warning to Narine. But then our bowling committee checked Narine’s style. We saw some videos of his bowling and his “After that, our bowling committee has given the green light to Narin to play in the IPL. So Narin can now play in the IPL.”

Sunil Narine

Narine was earlier suspended from international cricket in 2015. Because even then, Narine’s bowling style was reported to be illegal. But then in 2016, Narine changed his bowling style. The ICC then looked at his new bowling style. The ICC did not find any irregularities in the bowling. So Narine was once again allowed to play cricket. Narin’s bowling style was also reported in the 2018 Pakistan Premier League. But no action has been taken against him since then.


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