Sunil Narine Bowling Action Cleared: Good news for KKR, Regulatory committee gives green light to Sunil Narine’s bowling style


Sunil Narayan’s bowling action (Photo Credits: IANS)

Sunil Narine Bowling Action Cleared: Kolkata Knight Riders spinner Sunil Narine’s bowling style was found to be questionable in the Kings XI Punjab match against Abu Dhabi in Abu Dhabi, but now Sunrisers Hyderabad are facing KKR ahead of the Indian Premier League match. Great relief. Narayan bowled disciplined in the last over to give KKR a thrilling victory, but the on-field umpires observed that his bowling style was questionable after the match. The BCCI had said in a press release that the umpires had reported that the bowling style of the spinners in the match was offensive. But recently he has been given the green light by the regulatory committee for his bowling style. Narayan’s bowling was found to be suspicious and he had to miss the next two matches. (Sunil Narine Bowling Action: KKR’s Sunil Narine’s bowling action is illegal, if found again, he will be suspended from bowling in IPL 2020)

The BCCI issued a statement giving a green light to Narayan’s bowling style, saying, “Kolkata had requested the bowling regulatory committee to officially test Sunil Narine’s bowling. A detailed video of Sunil Narine’s bowling style was handed over to the committee. After that, the committee has studied the style in a proper manner and validated its style. ” Meanwhile, after the complaint that Narayan’s bowling style was found suspicious, the same name was added to the ‘warning list’ as per the rules, which has now been removed. After this, Narayan can now join the playing XI in KKR’s upcoming matches. Earlier, the Knight Riders had said that they and the bowler were both surprised when the Caribbean bowling style was recorded.

Narayan’s bowling style has remained outstanding. His bowling action was first recorded in 2014. Narayan’s bowling style was noted twice during the 2014 Champions League and this led to him missing out on the 2015 World Cup. Then in 2015, his bowling was once again in controversy even during the IPL and he was banned in November of that year. The ICC allowed Narayan to bowl again in April 2016, but he was unable to join the West Indies T20 World Cup squad. After that, Ali was on record for his bowling style during the 2018 Pakistan Super League.


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