Stealth war ship INS Kavaratti capable of fighting under nuclear biological and chemical environments jagran special


INS Kavaratti’s strength in the Indian Navy has increased further. It can stay away from the enemy’s radar. It can also play a decisive role in nuclear and chemical attacks.

New Delhi (Online Desk). Indian Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Narwane handed over INS Kavaratti to the Indian Navy on Thursday (22 October 2020). This indigenous warship INS Kavaratti equipped with anti-submarine system is very special in many ways. It is a steel war ship. This means that it cannot fall under the enemy’s radar. Its design was prepared by the Director of Naval Design and it has been designed by Garden Research Shipbuilders and Engineers of Kolkata. Let’s know some special things about INS Kavaratti: –

  • It is the last of the four indigenously built anti-submarine warship ships under Project-28, which is of Kamarota class.
  • Project 28 received government approval in 2003. One of the three other warships under it, INS Commorta, was inducted into the Navy in 2014. Subsequently, INS Kadamad was inducted into the Navy in 2016 and INS Kilton in 2017.
  • 90 per cent of the INS Kavaratti is manufactured indigenously. Carbon composites have been used in this.
  • It has been tested and tested at all technical levels prior to induction into the Navy.
  • Sensors installed in it can detect enemy’s submarine from a long distance as well.
  • The special thing about this Indian warship is that it does not fall under the radar.
  • INS Kavaratti has a state-of-the-art weapon system. Specialized sensors are capable of detecting and chasing submarines.
  • The vessel will also operate in the event of nuclear, chemical and biological warfare.
  • Its name is derived from INS Kavaratti, deployed during the Battle of Independence in Bangladesh in 1971, from a warship with the Arnala Class missile. It played an important role in the liberation struggle of Bangladesh.
  • It was started in January 2012. It was launched in May 2015. Its trial began in February 2020.
  • The warship weighing 3300 tons is 109 feet long. Its height is equivalent to a four-storey building.
  • This warship can move through the sea at a speed of 25 kilonauts or 46 km per hour.
  • It can hold 123 personnel at one time, including 17 officers.
  • It is also equipped with an anti-submarine rocket launcher with a ground-to-air Barak missile. Apart from this, it also has 6 torpedo tubes.
  • It has 76 mm OTO Melara gun. Apart from this, it has a close-in weapon system (CIWS), which can detect and destroy any missile coming towards it.

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