Stalled the historic Ramlila of Delhi many times before


Nemish Hemant, New Delhi

Due to the corona, the famous Ramlila along with the 175 year old historical Ramlila of Ramlila ground is not being staged in Delhi this time. Devotees are disappointed with this, but this is not the first time that Ramlila is not being held in Delhi. Even before this, a situation of disaster or crisis occurred, due to which the tradition of Ramlila staging was stopped. The oldest Ramlila in Delhi is that of Ramlila Maidan, which was started by Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last emperor of Mughal rule. Then it was Ramleela alone, for which the order from the Mughal rule was issued in 1845.

Then it used to take place at Tis Hazari Court. A few years later, it moved to the Ramlila Maidan. Nearly 100 years of the event were completed that the country was divided. It was such a great tragedy that even Ramleela did not remain untouched by this. Ramlila was not staged that year. After this, Ramlila could not be staged due to China war of 1962 and war with Pakistan of 1965. In that case, the people of Ramlila Organizing Committee stood with peace and country. Likewise, Ramlila was interrupted for a few days in an uncomfortable affair.

The case is in the year 1986 when the traffic police made a change in the prescribed route of daily tableaux of Ramlila. Devotees along with the committee stood firm on the scheduled route from Chandni Chowk to Ramlila Maidan. The protest increased so much that lathicharge, tear gas and Ramlila reached to stop the staging. When the information reached the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, he intervened through Home Minister Buta Singh and started staging Ramlila again. There was a boat affair in the pond

Then Delhi meant within the walls, within Old Delhi itself. Other gates like Delhi Gate, Turkman Gate and Lahori Gate had its limits. Then Ramlila was the only Ramlila to be staged in the name of Ramlila. Apart from Delhi, people used to come from other cities to see it. In front of Lok Nayak Hospital, the place where there is multi-storey parking and the office of the Municipal Corporation, there used to be a pond first. In that context, the context of boatman was staged.

Tableau will not come out

The daily tableau of this Ramlila is special, which is coming out from the Mughal rule itself. However, this time Ramlila is not being staged, so this tableau will not come out. Four to six tableaux, riding on different chariots, start from Chandni Chowk every day till the day of Ramlila staging and reach Ramlila Maidan via various routes of Old Delhi. There are other gods and goddesses, including the Rama family, whose people queue up to see. Aarti is also offered with floral rain.


This is the time to stand with the country. Had Ramlila been organized, many people’s health would have been in danger. Therefore, we too decided not to have Ramlila in the interest of the country. Even before this, a time had come when the decision was taken not to stage Ramlila. However, we are disappointed not to be staged this time. Hopefully next year it will be held again in a grand manner.

Rajesh Khanna, Chairman, Ramlila Maidan Committee staged the Ram Leela of Ramjan and Tadka slaughter

Ramlila staged by Shri Dharmik Leela Committee during the past years is being broadcast on the religious channel with YouTube. Leela aired to create a great uproar of demons on earth and torture Rishi sages as well as torment them. Apart from this, the birth of God as Purushottam Rama and the birth of Laxman, Bharata and Shatrughna took place in the place of Maharaja Dasharatha. After coming back to Ayodhya after learning of the four brothers in the ashram of Guru Vashistha, the sage Vishwamitra came to the court of Dasharatha and staged the theme of taking Sri Ram and Laxman with him. Ganesh worshiped by Navashree Ramleela

The Nav Sri Dharmik Lila Committee held annually in the Red Fort is not able to stage Ramlila this time, but an attempt was made to maintain the tradition by worshiping Ganesh. Ganesh Pujan was organized at Pijarole Gaushala in Kishanganj, in which Councilor Ravidra Kumar worshiped Lord Ganesha and Ram Darbar from Chandni Chowk. Ramlila Committee General Secretary Jag Mohan Gotewala, Minister Prakash Barathi and Construction Minister Ashok Mittal were present on the occasion.

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