Sonia is becoming the voice of exploited women and girls


Ritika Mishra, New Delhi

In the matter of empowering women or making girls aware, social activist Sonia Sinha has emerged as her strong voice in 20 years. Sonia, 42, has been associated with cultural and social work since her youth. He raised his voice against women, non-equality, gender inequality, casteist and orthodox forces and emphasized on social and communal harmony. Sonia of Indrapuri teaches women living in slums, sewing-embroidery and other skill work to provide them employment and remove their financial constraints by connecting them with employment. She tells her determination how women can be established in male dominated society.

More than a thousand young women have been donated

Many times due to financial constraints many parents are unable to bear the expenses of their daughters’ marriage. Sonia also carries the responsibility of providing all the expenses of her marriage by giving the daughters of many such families. Sonia also does all the wedding programs of those girls from her own home. Along with this, she goes to the slums of Delhi and conducts awareness campaigns to use sanitary napkins to women and girls. According to Sonia, when she came to know that due to poverty even today many families are using clothes instead of sanitary napkins during menstrual days, then they started distributing sanitary napkins to the people from house to house and also ensured that they Use it when needed, not the clothes.

Had to make a career in Kathak

He did his schooling from Madhya Pradesh. He was fond of Kathak from school days. She used to participate in cultural events. However, it was not liked by the relatives. So this hobby was missed. Married at age 18. After that, the voice of the rights of the exploited women began to be raised. Counseling the victimized women with legal aid and started working on their rehabilitation. She says that when she started to step outside the house after marriage, she also faced the commentaries of the society, but she did not care for the tune. She says that the government has enacted several laws for the protection and rights of women, but due to public shame, many victims do not go to the rate of police or women’s commission. In such a situation, she encourages such women to fight the legal battle by giving them moral courage.

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