Sharad Purnima 2020 Subh Muhurat Importance and Significance of preparing kheer


Sharad Purnima night is also very beneficial for health in scientific terms. The rays emanating from the moon contain special salts and vitamins. When these rays fall on the food and drink, their quality increases further. However, it is also recognized that staying in the moonlight for 30 minutes from 10 to 12 o’clock on Sharad Purnima night is very beneficial for health. According to Dr. Sanjeev Rastogi, Head of the Department of Work Medicine at the Government Ayurvedic College at Tudayiganj, Ayurveda says that every change in every season is harmful to the body. People get sick when the weather changes. There is a change from catering to clothes and living. So change slowly. Make changes keeping in mind your health.

Kheer cures stomach diseases: Dr. Rastogi explains that milk contains lactic acid and other nutrients. The rays of the moon make the quality of kheer more nutritious. By eating this kheer, the gas produced in the stomach, constipation and other stomach related diseases are removed. According to Dr. SK Pandey of Ayurveda department at Lohia Institute, health should be taken special care in Sharad Ritu.

Today is Sharad Purnima, worship and shopping in this auspicious time to please Maa Lakshmi

Sharad Purnima ritual or worship method
Wake up in Brahma Muhurta and bathe in the holy river. Offer red flowers, naivedya, perfume and other fragrant things to Goddess Lakshmi. Invoke Mata and offer flowers, incense (incense sticks), lamps (lamps), naivedya, betel nut, dakshina etc. Recite the mantra of Goddess Lakshmi and Lakshmi Chalisa. Also do Aarti and offer Kheer, do not forget to donate Kheer to any Brahmin on this day. Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and Lord Kartikeya are also worshiped.

Benefits of Sharad Purnima Kheer

  • Eating kheer which is kept in the open sky on the night of Sharad Purnima also reduces the risk of bile and malaria.
  • Respiratory disease goes away.
  • The risk of cardiovascular diseases is reduced.
  • Skin disease is also cured.
  • Eating holy pudding cures eyesight.

Sharad Purnima today, this day meets freedom from debts, know why this fast is kept from mythology

Coincidence of second full moon in a month
The priest Acharya Pandit Kamta Prasad Sharma of Badrinath Dham said that this month is the second full moon on Friday. The first full moon was in the first week of October, the month of Purushottam. Secondly, the full moon Muhurat is from 5.15 pm on Friday. Due to this, people will fast only tomorrow. The next day is also the time of full moon but there is no Muhurta at night. Morning people will bathe and donate.

Bengali society will worship Kojagari
Kojagari will celebrate the festival of worship of mother Lakshmi on 30th October, in order to keep the mother Lakshmi seated in her house. It is believed that Devraj, sitting on Airavat on Sharad Purnima night, comes to Earth with Indra Mahalakshmi and asks who is awake. One who is awake and remembering them, he gets the special grace of mother Lakshmi and Indra. Priya Sinha of Bengali society said that on this day with the farewell of mother Durga, mother Lakshmi’s wishes are worshiped on this day.

Kheer will be distributed on Mankameshwar Upvan Ghat
Lucknow. Aarti Ganga Gomti Aarti on Sharad Purnima will be aarti of cow dung lamps made by poor women to bring prosperity to their homes. Acharya Pradeep told that from 5:23 pm on October 30, the full moon day will start, it will be till 31st of the evening of 31st. Sharad Purnima Friday is coinciding with Ashwini Nakshatra, Vajra Yoga and Moon Aries. Kheer will be distributed during the aarti on Friday at the illuminated Mankameshwar Upvan Ghat with cow dung lamps.

Will make cow dung lamps
Mahant Devya Giri will take initiative to connect women with employment along with cow protection. Women will make cow dung lamps in the temple. Acharya SS Nagpal said that it is believed that on this day, Chandra Dev rains drops of nectar. It is eaten by dividing it among the family.


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