Self-immolation of a social worker as he was forced to pick up a dead pig


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Naresh Bhore set himself on fire in Ichalkaranji municipal area.

A social worker who set himself on fire in Ichalkaranji municipality in Kolhapur district has died during treatment.

The social worker’s name is Naresh Sitaram Bhore and Bhore had warned the municipality not to pay attention to the complaint but to set himself on fire. According to him, he set himself on fire and died in it.

Last week, dead pigs were being dragged from Shahapur Road in Ichalkaranji to a municipal bell cart. As there is a question of health of the citizens, social activist Naresh Bhore asked the driver of the bell train to throw the dead pig in the bell train. The two had an argument over this, the driver of the vehicle concerned had insulted and beaten Bhore.

At the time, Bhore was allegedly forced to pick up a dead pig and throw it into a bell cart. Complaining about this incident, Bhore had given a statement to the municipality that action should be taken against the concerned.

However, as no action was taken against the driver, he finally warned of self-immolation on Friday. Accordingly, on Monday (October 26) afternoon, Bhore threw petrol on his body and set himself on fire in the municipal parking lot. In it they were severely burnt.

Police at the spot earlier admitted Bhore to IGM Hospital. However, his condition was critical and he was shifted to Sangli Government Hospital. However, he died during treatment.

Speaking on the occasion, Ichalkaranji’s Upper Superintendent of Police Jayashree Gaikwad said, “On the 22nd, Bhore had lodged a complaint against Lakhe, the driver of the bell train in the municipality. “

Regarding this, Municipal Corporation Chief Officer Santosh Khandekar said, “The driver concerned was on the vehicle with the contractor. Therefore, no direct action could be taken against him. However, Aradhya Enterprises had written to the company on the 23rd to take strict action against the driver. I didn’t want to. ”

Although Bhore complained about the incident, it was not implemented. Despite warnings of self-immolation, neither the municipal official nor the administration interacted with Bhore. Therefore, Bhore’s nephew Omkar Bhore has blamed this unfortunate incident.

Pradip Malge, chairman of Ichalkaranji Social Workers Committee, has demanded that a case of homicide be registered against the culprits.

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