Sachin Sawant asked question to BJP on Railway not allowed to women


Mumbai : While the state government has allowed women from MMR areas, including Mumbai, to travel locally from the first day of Navratri, the railways are now wasting time. The decision had already been taken at a meeting of state government, municipal and railway officials, but the decision is being deliberately avoided in its own right. Knowing that this journey could be done by women from 17th and Navratra will start from the same day, why the permission of Railway Board has not been taken already? Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee general secretary and spokesperson Sachin Sawant has demanded that Railway Minister Piyush Goyal should give the answer to the women of Mumbai.

Speaking in this regard, Sawant further said, “Doesn’t the BJP, which is bombing to open temples, have a local for its Durgashakti My sisters during Navratri?” Why is the BJP’s voice silenced for women’s local travel in Mumbai area? Why don’t they ring the bell now? Presenting such questions, Sawant has torn the veil of BJP’s crooked Hindutva.

A meeting was already held regarding women’s local travel and the time was fixed after a detailed discussion. The state government informed the railways to allow women to travel. But now the railway department is wasting time by giving reasons that it will need the permission of the Railway Board. Why the permission of Railway Board was not taken as discussed. Also, as the decision has already been taken, the CTPM of the railways can take the decision in its own right. So why don’t Piyush Goyal ask them?

The Railway Minister is from Mumbai, he is the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party, but it is surprising that he also does not have time to pay attention to the local issues in Mumbai, said Sawant.


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