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HighlightsIn times of crisis, the Chief Minister says ‘me and my family’ at homeThe suspension given to the Agriculture Act is also illegal

Paithan: In the Corona epidemic, the rulers should visit and give relief to the people. However, state Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray is sitting at home saying, ‘Me and my family’. “Running the state is not the job of Yedya Gabalya …”, said Union Minister Raosaheb Danve in Paithan today. He was speaking at the inauguration of various development works in the city.

Speaking further, Union Minister Danve said that the leading government in the state is the Amar-Akbar-Anthony government. It is not clear who runs the government, who makes the decisions. Former Chief Minister Fadnavis and BJP office bearers are touring the state during the crisis. On the other hand, Danve also criticized the people of the state for seeing the misfortune of the state chief sitting in the house saying ‘me and my family’.

Agricultural law in the interest of farmers
The new Agriculture Act of the Center is in the interest of the farmers and the existence of the Market Committee will not be affected anywhere. However, the plunder of farmers under the market committee will stop. The alliance government has opposed the law and the moratorium on the law in the state is illegal, said Union Minister Raosaheb Danve.

To participate in the Pandharpur ceremony on Ashadi Ekadashi, Nath Maharaj’s palanquin is placed on the palanquin ota on the banks of Godavari for the darshan of devotees This is the place where Paithankars gather and say goodbye to the palanquin. The beautification and other development works of this Palkhi Ota are being done at a cost of Rs. 2 crores. The ground breaking ceremony of this development work was held today at the hands of Union Consumer Protection Minister Raosaheb Danve. On this occasion Kisan Morcha State President Anil Bonde, Mayor Suraj Lolge, District President Vijay Autade, State Vice President Rekhatai Kulkarni, Ashwini Lakhmale, Taluka President Dr. Sunil Shinde, City President Shekhar Patil, Mahesh Joshi, Laxman Aute, Badrinarayan Bhumare, and Kantrao Aute, Bappa Shelke, Sunil Rasane, Balu Mane, Vijay Chatupale, Namrata Patel, Sulochana Salunke, Aba Barakse, Bandu Andhale, Satish Aher were present on the occasion.

Web Title: “Running the state is not the job of anyone else …”, Raosaheb Danave slammed the Chief Minister Thakarey

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