Reduction of funds in construction committee meeting


Jagran Correspondent, East Delhi: In a meeting of the construction committee on Wednesday at the Eastern Corporation’s headquarters in Patparganj, members cried out the lack of funds. In a meeting chaired by Chairman Puneet Sharma, the councilors of the ruling party accused the Delhi government of not releasing funds. To this, AAP councilor Sajid Khan said where are the BJP MPs. MP Manoj Tiwari had said that if the Delhi government does not give the funds, then they will bring it from the central government. Today, employees are not being paid salaries. Manoj Tiwari get salary from employees by bringing funds from the center. If the BJP cannot run the corporation, then hand it over to the Delhi government. In this same fund, everyone will be given salary and all the work will be done.

Earlier, committee member and BJP councilor Santosh Pal said that the Delhi government should release the funds soon. At the same time, he raised the issue of an illegal religious site being built near Brijpuri Pulia. He said that if someone is constructing a house in 25 and 50 yards, then the employees of the corporation reach, but till now no one has noticed this illegal construction near the culvert. People there are coming to me with complaints. He also presented the photo of illegal construction in the meeting. On this, Puneet Sharma issued orders for immediate action to the authorities. Councilor Nirmala Kumari said that the parks in his ward are occupied by anti-social elements. These anti-social elements also enter the women’s park. To prevent these, barbed wire should be placed on the walls of the park. He also sought to improve the condition of community buildings. AAP councilor Sajid Khan said that there are two dalavghars at the same place in his ward. He has also previously proposed that a pulpit in front of the cemetery be closed and a community building be built in its place, but no action is being taken on it. Chairman Puneet Sharma asked the officials for a reply on this. Officials said that due to lack of funds, the community building cannot be built at the moment, but it can be planned. Puneet Sharma ordered the closure of Dallavaghar immediately. Councilor Neeta Bisht said that slabs are missing from drains in her ward. Slabs should be placed on these. Officials said that if there are already slabs and removed somewhere in between, then it will be installed, but the drain on which there are no slabs. Can not be planted there.

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