Ratris khes chale 2 fem actress apurva nemlekar comeback in new marathi serial


Shevanta is coming back to make the audience clean bold

Shevanta’s character in the popular series ‘Ratris Khel Chale 2’ on ‘Zee Marathi’ literally drove the whole of Maharashtra crazy. The whole of Maharashtra was on the brink of extinction. After the game ended at night 2, Shevanta i.e. Apoorva Nemalekar became emotional. She had expressed her feelings by writing a lengthy post on Facebook. The audience has been missing Shewant since the end of the series. But now there is good news for Shevanta’s fans. Actress Apoorva Nemalekar will soon make a comeback on television in an equally sexy persona.

Beloved actress Apoorva Nemalekar will once again visit the audience in the upcoming series ‘Tujh Maaz Jamtanya’ on ‘Zee Yuva’ Apoorva Pammi will play the lead role in this series. Apoorva is once again ready to make the audience clean bold from this role of Pammi. The style of the series is humorous and Pammi is going to give a glamor to the series. The series is set to hit theaters soon.

Nowadays Apoorva is very active on social media. She has shared many awesome photos on social media. These photos of her have hurt the fans once again. But now Apoorva is coming soon to hurt the fans again.

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