rajyasabha election in up: Rajya Sabha Election: know how BJP in UP trapped the opposition by sacrificing 1 Rajya Sabha seat – bjp sacrificed



  • 8 BJP candidates decide victory in Rajya Sabha election in Uttar Pradesh
  • BJP could win 9th seat too, hidden political trick in ‘sacrifice’!
  • SP-BSP clashed for one seat, fierce political drama

In Uttar Pradesh, uncontested election has been decided on 9 vacant seats of Rajya Sabha. It consists of 8 candidates from BJP and one from BSP. The BJP also had the option of grabbing the ninth seat in the Rajya Sabha elections based on the number of MLAs. It is being told that the BJP deliberately did not field any candidate for the 9th seat while it could easily arrange votes for this seat.

Political experts believe that leaving the 9th seat vacant was a thoughtful political move by the BJP. He has not left a seat in the Rajya Sabha but has ‘sacrificed’ it. This can be seen by the mobilization of opposition and opposition in the upcoming Legislative Council and then Assembly elections. It is clear that both the SP and BSP parties had fielded their candidates for the 9th seat.

BSP had nominated Ramji Gautam as its candidate with the proposal of 10 MLAs but 5 of these MLAs suddenly withdrew their proposal. He then immediately went to meet SP chief Akhilesh Yadav, who feared that the Samajwadi Party had done the trick to stop the BSP. After this, BSP Chief Mayawati lashed out at Akhilesh Yadav. Taking strict action against the MLAs of his party, he suspended 7 MLAs.

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BSP was in support of sending Dimple to Rajya Sabha
Mayawati claimed that BSP was making up its mind to send Dimple Yadav, wife of Akhilesh Yadav, to Rajya Sabha. For this, BSP general secretary Satish Chandra Mishra tried to talk to Akhilesh Yadav several times over the phone but he did not reply to this. On the contrary, when the BSP announced to field its candidate, the SP, while conspiring against it, also put up its candidate. Not only this, but also tried the horse-trading of BSP MLAs. Maya then announced that her party would do anything to defeat the SP in the upcoming MLC elections.

‘BJP also supported to defeat SP’
The BSP has even said that the BSP can also support the BJP to defeat the Samajwadi Party. This seems to be the advantage of ‘sacrificing’ your 9th seat for BJP. It is believed that to create such a situation, BJP had left one seat for the opposition parties, so that there is such a struggle among the parties to grab the seat that there is no possibility of support or alliance of each other in future. .

Rajya Sabha Mathematics
Explain that every candidate needs 37 votes to go to Rajya Sabha from UP. BJP has 304 MLAs, with the help of which BJP candidates will easily win 8 seats. Apart from this, he also had enough support from allies for the 9th seat. Apart from the 17 MLAs of Apna Dal, BSP MLA Anil Singh, SP MLA Nitin Agarwar and Congress MLA Rakesh Singh also have an inclination towards BJP. In this way, BJP with 20 votes is in a better position than other parties for the 9th seat.

A BJP leader has also admitted that his party also had ample opportunity to win the 9th seat. He could also get support from independent legislators. But the state BJP unit had sent a list of 15 people to the central leadership for Rajya Sabha candidates, out of which the names of 8 were finalized.

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