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Now the Directorate of Education, Government of Delhi has taken up the task of providing two drops of life to the naval dwellers in the capital. Pulse polio immunization campaign 2020-21 will be conducted by the Directorate of Inclusive Education Department on November 1. Under which polio drops will be given to children from zero to five years. For this, the directorate has taken a combined total of government and private schools.

Jasan, New Delhi: On November 1, under the Pulse Polio Immunization Campaign 2020-21, children under the age of five will be administered polio vaccine. For this, the Delhi government has created a total of 883 centers including government and private schools. Parents will be able to give polio medicine to their children by visiting these centers.

According to the Directorate of Education, this is the second phase of the campaign. The drug was given on 20 September under the first phase. The campaign will run from 7:30 am to 5 pm on November 1. For this campaign, teachers have been appointed in each school to help the staff of Health and Family Welfare Department. Teachers will educate the school children in online classes and make them aware. Apart from this, work of painting, essay writing and slogan writing will also be given for the Pulse Polio immunization campaign.

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