psi padmashila tirpude: ‘Struggled a lot, but didn’t sell the goods’ – assistant inspector of police padmashila tirpude clarified about viral photo


Raju Muske, Bhandara

A post with two photographs, then and now, claiming that a woman who struggled to survive with a baby on her head and a baby in her arms became a police sub-inspector, has gone viral. Struggling, she became a police sub-inspector. However, she did not sell her food to satisfy her hunger. ‘I’m not her. I have never sold khalbatte, varvante ‘, explained Padmashila Tirpude himself while talking to’ Mata ‘. Tirpude is now an Assistant Inspector of Police working in Nagpur district.

The photo of the woman in the red sari goes viral from time to time. Now it has happened again, with a photograph of Tirpude. As the day is Navratra, the stubbornness and courage of this woman is being appreciated. ‘My past and struggles are being misrepresented. The question is how to look at a society that spreads misconceptions ‘, lamented Tirpude, a native of Bhandara district, while describing his own struggles, saying,’ It was a time of struggle. The condition of the house was very bad. Love was married. But, there was a firm determination in the mind. We started living in Nashik. While studying for his degree at Yashwantrao Chavan Open University, he started preparing for competitive exams. Graduated from 2007 to 2009. Passed the main competitive examination in 2012. In 2013, he passed out from Nashik Training Institute as a Sub-Inspector of Police. At that time, a photo was taken with the family. This is the photo that went viral. I am in uniform with my mother-in-law, husband and children. This photo is mine. Later, my struggle story was added by attaching a photo of the woman who was selling khalbat with this photo of mine. What a coincidence that woman looks just like me! ‘ The question remains as to who is the woman who sells khalbatta, how is her share still struggling.

Many people viralized my photo saying that I am the woman who sells khalbatte. Many even tagged these photos on my Facebook account. This action taken without any assurance is completely wrong. I had to suffer a lot because of this. Still suffering. This type of work also causes difficulties when working as a police officer.

Padramashila Tirpude, Assistant Inspector of Police


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