President donald trump and first lady melania trump quarantine


Corona is spreading all over the world and the United States has been hit the hardest by Corona. But now the deadly Corona has reached the White House, the residence of US President Donald Trump. Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump have quarantined themselves. Samples of both were taken and the corona report was yet to come but the report of both of them has now come back corona positive.

Trump has taken this step after his adviser tested positive for dope six corona. President Trump tweeted this information himself. He tweeted that Hope Six continued to work. Now his corona report has come positive. First Lady and I are waiting for our Corona report. Until then, we were both quarantining ourselves, it was said.

The United States and Brazil, meanwhile, account for 36% of the world’s corona patients, but the rate of new coronary heart disease in the US-Brazil is half that of India. Every day, most of the corona patients are being registered in India and the number of deaths is also increasing rapidly in India. The United States, India and Brazil account for 54% of the world’s corona cases. In all three countries, corona-related deaths account for 45 percent.

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