Police will investigate drug connections between Bollywood and BJP leaders


Deepak Bhatuse, Zee Media, Mumbai: Home Minister Anil Deshmukh has said that if the NCB does not investigate, the police will start an investigation in four to five days. What exactly is the drug connection between Bollywood and BJP leaders? An investigation is underway. Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant today called on Home Minister Anil Deshmukh for the second time and lodged a complaint with him regarding the drug connection of BJP leaders.

Earlier, Sawant’s complaint was forwarded by Home Minister Anil Deshmukh to the NCB for investigation. But why is the NCB not investigating, are they under any pressure? Such a question was present. “We are sending the second complaint lodged by Sachin Sawant to the NCB for investigation. If the NCB does not investigate, the police will investigate,” he said.

Sandeep Singh’s relationship with BJP leaders in the drug connection has brought Bollywood and BJP leaders back into the limelight. He also demanded that Sachin Sawant investigate the drug connections of BJP’s star campaigner Vivek Oberoi in the last elections. Vivek Oberoi is the creator of the Narendra Modi biopic.

Bangalore police come to Mumbai and interrogate Vivek Oberoi, then why NCB is not investigating? Such a question has also come up this time.


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