PLA soldier went missing looking for yaks hope India returns him soon, says China – India caught PLA soldier


A Chinese soldier has been arrested by the Indian Army amidst the escalation of the border dispute in eastern Ladakh. The People’s Liberation Army of China has also confirmed that one of its soldiers went missing near the border on Sunday night. When India has captured its soldier, then China has requested the Indian Army to return its soldier according to protocol. The Indian Army said on Monday that it had arrested a soldier of the People’s Liberation Army in the Demchok sector of East Ladakh on Monday, who was identified as a colonel.

Army captures Chinese soldier in Demchok, Ladakh, important documents found

The Indian Army has received a request from the Chinese Army PLA regarding the whereabouts of its missing soldier. The incident has taken place at a time when tensions between India and China are continuing over the border dispute in East Ladakh and both countries have deployed their troops and weapons.

Western Theater Command spokesman Colonel Zhang Shuili released a statement on the missing PLA soldier on Monday night, saying that one of our Chinese soldiers went missing when he helped a shepherd find his lost yak on the night of 18 October. was doing. However, he has not identified his soldier. Western Theater Command spokesman Colonel Zhang further said in the statement that shortly after the incident the Chinese border guards had reported the incident to the Indian side and hoped that the Indian side would help in finding and rescuing the Chinese soldier.

Zhang said that the Indian side promised to help find the soldier and also promised to return the Chinese soldier after finding him. He said that the Indian Army had assured the Chinese counterpart that the Chinese soldier would be returned after medical examination.

India will return to Chinese soldier, Dragon said – decrease in aggression good signs

Zhang said this would help promote consensus by both sides in the 7th round of core commander-level talks to reduce tensions on the Line of Actual Control. It is worth mentioning that the army has told that the Chinese soldier has been identified as Corporal Wang or Lang. He has been provided with necessary medical assistance including oxygen, food and warm clothes. After questioning, he will be handed over to China under the current procedure.

Significantly, in September, five Indian citizens had also accidentally gone into the Chinese border, when the Chinese media called them as intelligence intelligence. Five people from Arunachal Pradesh were detained by China as spies, but were later handed over to India. Five citizens of the Tagin tribe of Arunachal Pradesh went missing in early September. Prior to his release in the second week of September, the mouthpiece Global Times had alleged that these five were spying for the Indian Army.


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