oxford vaccine: Will Oxford Coronavirus Vaccine Turn People Into Monkeys? Russia Spreads Fake News


A campaign is underway in Russia to malign Oxford’s corona virus vaccine. In the message going viral on social media, it is being said that the people who put this vaccine will become monkeys. Photo and video messages that have gone viral to substantiate his claim that the chimpanzee virus is being used to make this vaccine.

Married photo of British PM Johnson viral
Such news has also been shown in the Russian TV program Vesti News. In Russia, the program is as popular as BBC’s Newsnight in the UK. Among the photographs going viral, there is also a morphed photo of British PM Boris Johnson. In which he is shown walking outside the Prime Minister’s Office Downing Street as a yatri. The caption of this photo states that I like my ‘Bigfoot’ vaccine.

Chimpanzee in AstraZeneca’s coat
Another viral photo shows a chimpanzee in AstraZeneca’s lab coat making a vaccine with Oxford. Who is making the vaccine through a syringe. While a second photo shows Uncle Sam of America. In which, on a banner behind them, it is written that I want to give you a monkey vaccine.

Campaign to discredit the Oxford vaccine
It is being said in Britain that the real goal of this campaign is to harm the marketing of the British Corona Virus Vaccine. So that he can sell his own Sputnik V vaccine. Attempts are being made to create the impression in the minds of Russian people through messages that Oxford’s corona virus vaccine is useless and will make humans monkeys.

AstraZeneca CEO condemned
AstraZeneca chief executive Pascal Soriot on Thursday condemned the messages going viral in Russia. He said that AstraZeneca scientists and many other companies and institutes around the world are working tirelessly to develop vaccines and therapeutic treatments to defeat the virus. There are independent specialist and regulatory agencies around the world that decide whether a vaccine is safe for people. Misinformation is an obvious risk to public health.

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