Other countries news: brazilian senator chico rodrigues caught hiding money between buttocks and underwear coronavirus fund corruption


Rio de Janeiro
The corruption case has also caught fire amidst rising cases of Corona virus in Brazil. Meanwhile, in a raid by the Anti-Corruption Unit, an MP from President Jair Bolsonaro’s party was caught hiding money in his underwear. Central officials said that Rs 3 lakh 88 thousand was recovered from the underwear of MP Chico Rodrigues during the investigation.

Allegations of coronation fund
The agency said it was informed of the corruption of the ruling party senator by corruption. Following which, the house of Chico Rodrigues in the state of Rorima in northern Brazil was raided on Wednesday. He was accused of misappropriating funds given to combat the Corona virus outbreak in the state of Rorima.

The senator issued a statement clarifying
Meanwhile, Senator Chico Rodrigues has also issued a statement informing about the raid. He said that police had investigated his house in connection with a case. However, he made no mention of the cash recovered. Nor did he mention where it was allegedly found.

Senator said – Conspiracy to defame
He has complained that his house has been searched for working as a legislature. Rodrigues insisted that he had done nothing wrong. The senator alleged that all this was done to discredit him.

Brazilian President Bolsonaro announced- I am not infected with Corona virus

President Bolsonaro raging on media
At the same time, President Jair Bolsonaro has blamed the media for the entire incident. He accused the media of using fake stories to denounce his government as corrupt. He said that this operation is an example that there is no corruption in my government. We are strictly dealing with corruption no matter what it is.

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Bolsonaro’s son also accused
In the year 2018, Bolsanaro got the power to raise his voice against corruption. But, ever since he took over the command of Brazil, his government has faced many allegations of corruption. His son Flavio has also faced similar allegations. Bolsonaro’s son has been accused of embezzling public money during his time as an MLA in Rio de Janeiro.


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