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‘Sukhi Manasacha Sadra’, a very different style series is starting on Colors Marathi. Bharat Jadhav and Kedar Shinde will be working together again after many years.

Mumbai, October 02: The discussion of the new project of Bharat Jadhav and Kedar Shinde was rife in the entire Marathi industry. Curiosity about which project the duo is working on is now over. On 25th October, on the occasion of Dussehra, the new series ‘Sukhi Mansacha Sadra’ is coming to Colors Marathi. On the occasion of this series, Bharat Jadhav is going to return to the small screen after many years.

Both Kedar Shinde and Bharat Jadhav have shared promos of the new series on their social media. Fans of Bharat are eager to see him on the small screen again. In the promo, Bharat Jadhav is seen in the role of a common man. The promo he shared has received many likes. Kedar Shinde has directed many plays like Agambai Arechcha, Kho-Kho, Kahi Nem Nahi, Sahi Re Sahi, Locha Jhala Re, Srinant Damodar Pant. He has also been liked by the audience.

After the series ‘Shriyud Gangadhar Tipare’, ‘Sukhi Manasacha Sadra’, a very different series is coming to the audience. Many series, webseries were released during the lockdown. Now it will be interesting to see what a happy man’s shirt brings to the small screen. It is not yet clear which other actors will be working with Bharat in this movie. But after watching the promo, the curiosity of the audience has definitely increased.

Published by:Amruta Abhyankar

First published:October 2, 2020, 11:58 AM IS


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