ncr Delhi Pollution Environment Minister Gopal Rai appeals eveyone should follow Red light on car off campaign


New Delhi, Jagaran Samvadata. As part of the ‘Red light on, car off’ campaign launched by the Delhi government to reduce vehicle pollution, Environment Minister Gopal Rai on Thursday along with Cabinet Minister Imran Hussain participated in the awareness program at Daryaganj intersection at Delhi Gate. And he appealed to the drivers to stop their vehicles while the red lights were on. Appealing to the people of Delhi, Gopal Rai said that the people supporting the campaign should make at least five people aware and connect with them and motivate them to stop their car at red light. To make people aware of the campaign, women organizations have also taken a front from today. The campaign will be started in all 272 wards of Delhi from November 2. The people of Delhi together have done many big things in the past, I am sure that this time they will together beat pollution.

Environment Minister Gopal Rai said that the participation of the people of Delhi towards the ‘Red Light on, Cart Off’ campaign is increasing and a large number of people are participating in this campaign. In order to make people aware of the campaign, we have put environmental masters at the intersections, who are constantly making awareness. Apart from this, an awareness program is going on under the ‘Red Light on, Cart Off’ campaign in all the 70 assembly constituencies of Delhi. For the awareness of the campaign, the women’s team has also taken charge from today. Today, this awareness campaign was led by Cabinet Minister Imran Hussain. Similarly, the rest of the cabinet ministers of the Delhi government will also lead the road to make people aware at different places. From November 2, we will hit the road to carry out the ‘Red Light On, Cart Off’ campaign in 272 wards of Delhi.

Gopal Rai said that the campaign is getting massive support by the people of Delhi. He requested the residents of Delhi to continue to support the way you are getting support for the campaign. Also, you must tell at least 5 people from your level about this campaign, so that if they turn off their bikes, cars, autos at red lights, then the risk of pollution in people’s lives can be reduced. Can. Through this campaign, 15 to 20 percent vehicle pollution can be reduced. So today, I want to request all the people of Delhi that those who are supporting this campaign should explain at least five of their neighbors, acquaintances and friends and connect them with this campaign. Tell them that whenever they go red light, stop your car when the red light is on. I sincerely hope that we all of Delhi together will beat this pollution. Even before this, the people of Delhi have done big things together.

Gopal Rai while answering a question about the jam on red light in Delhi said that there is no way to stop the red light. Therefore, it is not right to compare this campaign with jam. As the festival of Deepawali is coming closer, people are now taking to the streets. But I am also requesting that if there is a red light, keep the car closed where there will definitely be a reduction in vehicle pollution. Delhi has been jammed before during Diwali, more people take to the road on Diwali, if the environment is increasing due to that jam and stop the car at red light, it will benefit a lot.

Today, Food and Supplies Minister of Delhi, Imran Hussain, who is leading this campaign, visited the four red lights located at Delhi Gate and made people aware of this campaign. He said that people are constantly getting involved with this campaign and following this, they are closing their car at red light.

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