Namodevay Mahadevayya: Social service made life a goal


Jagran Correspondent, West Delhi: Many children are seen wandering here in the area unnecessarily, away from education. Most people ignore such children. But Renu Luthra, a resident of Paschim Vihar, does not ignore such children. After all, they gather complete information about why they are away from education and then try to connect such children with education. Till date, many children have been involved in education. Now Renu has started a campaign to connect children with education who are away from school due to lack of guidance or resources. Many people join his campaign and support him.

It started with the children sitting in front of the temple at Madipur often throughout the day. These were children whose parents worked as laborers and stayed out of the house throughout the day. In the absence of parents, these children used to roam near the temple. He had nothing to do with education. This was about seven years ago. The home of five children who often saw Renu around the temple was traced. Renu met the parents of these children after finding out the house. Then after persuading many times, she could persuade the parents that she could teach these children. Then gradually more children gathered. When the children got together, Renu also came in contact with their parents. Everyone had their own problems. Most of the problems were due to lack of economic resources. Renu began to help these people in every possible way using her contacts. To provide a job to someone whose job was missed somewhere. In the same way, arranging medicines for them if they fall ill. Sometimes they used to manage ration at a limited level for them. When her income from her own boutique started decreasing for these works, her husband also started supporting Renu. Today Renu helps people not only in education but also in other fields. They helped families in distress during the lockdown.

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