MS Dhoni vs sunil narine rivalry in ipl of last 13 innings csk won only 5 lost 8 match csk vs kkr ipl 2020 records Are run


Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s bat falls blunt in front of Kolkata Knight Riders all-rounder Sunil Narine. The match played between Kolkata and Chennai on 7 October 2020 also did not change the figure. In the Indian Premier League (IPL), Sunil Narine has played against Mahendra Singh Dhoni 13 times so far. Out of these, Naren’s team has won 8 times, while Dhoni has won 5 times.

In these 13 innings, Dhoni has scored a total of 286 runs, playing 227 balls. During this period, his strike rate is 125.99 and he has returned 8 times unbeaten pavilion. During this, Dhoni faced Sunil Narine’s 63 balls and was able to score only 30 runs. It does not include a single four and six. At the same time, in the remaining 164 balls, Dhoni has scored 256 runs with 29 fours and sixes, meaning a strike rate of 156.09. However, Dhoni’s strike rate is reduced to 47.62 while playing Naren’s balls. Sunil Naren is part of the Indian Premier League since 2012.

Talking of the match played between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders on October 7, Sunil Narine punched the 11th over. At that time, Chennai Super Kings needed 74 runs in 9 overs. He had just 2 wickets. After this, Naren gave 31 runs in 4 overs and took the important wicket of Shane Watson. However, the Chennai team managed to score 32 runs in the other five overs. Of these 14 runs came off the bat of Ravindra Jadeja in the last 3 balls. During this, Chennai also lost 3 wickets.

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