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Mother is said to be the source of love. But an incident has taken place in Mumbai which has tarnished the word ‘mother’. One girl did not answer in the online class, so her mother pierced her with a pencil. The girl’s condition is critical.

Mumbai, 24 October: It is said that no one can love us like a mother. But a woman living in Mumbai has slandered the word ‘mother’. A mother has pierced her own unborn daughter with a pencil because she did not answer a question posed by a teacher in an online classroom. A sixth-grader was seriously injured in the incident. A case has been registered against her mother at the police station.

Currently online classes of students are underway during the Corona era. The girl could not answer the question asked by the teacher to the girl concerned while the online study was going on. This angered her mother, who attacked her own daughter with a nearby pencil. The girl was seriously injured in the incident. The girl’s sister saw all this and called the child helpline. It all kind of happened on Wednesday.

Upon learning of all these incidents, an NGO has rushed to the aid of the girl. They are going to help this girl as much as possible. When asked about the incident, the girl’s mother did not give any concrete information. A case has been registered against the attacking mother at the Santa Cruz police station, but she has not yet been arrested. Appropriate action is being demanded against such mothers. The children are at home full time now that the school is closed. This seems to have increased the frustration of the parents.

Published by:Amruta Abhyankar

First published:October 24, 2020 at 2:31 PM IS


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