Most Powerful Country in Asia: India 4th Most Powerful in Asia, Cedes Ground To China



  • America is the most powerful country in Asia, China is second
  • Japan is at number three in the list, India is at fourth position
  • Despite Corona, China holds second place for third consecutive year
  • India lost speed due to Corona, also suffered strategic losses

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India is ranked fourth in the list of Asia’s most powerful countries. The Lowy Institute of Sydney topped the US list in the Asia Power Index 2020. However, its grip in the Asia Pacific region is getting loosened and China’s screws are increasing. The report ranks India after the US, China and Japan. The Lowy Institute has said that India missed the opportunity due to Corona and is also strategically lagging behind China. The institute estimates that it will take another 10 years for India to reach 40% of China’s economic output. Last year it was estimated that India would reach 50% of China’s economic output by 2030.

The rest of the economies gasp, China is on track
Study’s research chief Hervé Lemahieu said that “it has delayed the emergence of India as a superpower in the region”. He said that ‘it also means that India will remain entangled in the challenges of development’. Lowy Institute predicts that China will one day be equal to the United States and may even go beyond that. Study says that on one side it will take time until 2024 for the US economy to get back on track. At the same time, China’s economy has largely recovered from the impact of Corona. This gives him an advantage over his neighbors. China has been at number two in this list for the third consecutive year.

Who is the most powerful in Asia?

  1. America
  2. China
  3. Japan
  4. India
  5. Russia
  6. Australia
  7. South Korea
  8. Singapore
  9. Thailand
  10. Malaysia

China will not be able to ‘play’ in the name of investment
Equations will change rapidly if Trump is elected again
According to Lemahieu, if Donald Trump again becomes President of the United States, Asia will learn to live without America. He said that Asian countries might be willing to do business with the United States if Biden is elected. Japan has been described as ‘smart power’ in the report. He has got the most points for defense diplomacy.

China’s ‘war declaration’ by releasing video of Suicide Drones, new threat looms over the world

Australia is at number six on the list and has overtaken South Korea. The United States, Russia and Malaysia have suffered the most losses in the index. This index is prepared after estimating countries at 128 points.


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