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New Delhi (Online Desk). There is only two weeks left for the presidential election in America. There will be voting on November 3. In such a situation, both Democrats or Republican candidates do not want to leave any stone unturned for their victory. However, now that so little time is left, Jawaharlal Nehru Professor BR Deepak believes that Democrat candidate Joe Biden is constantly overshadowing the current President and Republican candidate Donald Trump. Let me tell you that ever since Trump and Biden started their campaign, a lot has changed in this promotion.

The Modi factor was also being mentioned before this election. But now that there are few days left in the voting, the impact of Modi factor is not seen as much as was being said. Professor Deepak says that recently a survey has also come out showing the status of Indians, in which Biden’s name has emerged as the choice of most Indians. But it is not that the Modi factor has not worked at all. According to him, Indians have been seen as traditional voters of Democrats. But this time the Indian voter is also divided. Although most of the trend is towards Biden, but even after this, 22 per cent of Indians have said to be in favor of Trump. Hence, the Modi factor cannot be ignored completely.

If Professor Deepak is to be believed, this is the first time in American history when such sharp phrase is being used in the election campaign for the Presidential election. He believes that earlier in the presidential debate between the two sides, there was a debate on the issues in which both sides had their own side. But this time nothing like that is visible. This time the Presidential Debate is taking place on top of each other with sharp and bitter words. Issues are missing in the debate this time around and only the round of blaming each other continues. More recently, Trump has described the Biden family as the most corrupt family in American history, while on the Democrats’ side, Trump has been told that Trump is not a man worthy of the president.

Professor Deepak also says that the kind of language that is being used between the two candidates during the debate in America, the trend is being seen all over the world. They consider nationalist forces as a major reason behind this. They also say that Russia and China are engaged in playing behind the scenes to win Trump and Biden. However, both of them have come forward and denied any such action. According to him, while China is in favor of Biden, Russia wants to see Trump win again.

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