Marathi director Nagraj Manjule’s ‘Tar’ will be released soon


Mumbai : Director Nagraj Manjule, who has given hits like Sairat and Fandry, is coming up with another movie for fans soon. The title of the film will be ‘Tar’. The wire will be the name of the upcoming short film. ‘

In ‘Tar’, they are not behind the scenes, they are going to shine on the screen. He will be playing the lead role of a postman in this short film, not his guest experience in Sarat and Fandry. This short film will be directed by Pankaj Sonawane. He informed about the short film ‘Tar’ from his Facebook.

Along with Nagraj, Bhushan Manjule, Bhushan Hambe, Vivek Jamble and Pooja Dolas have also acted in the short film ‘Tar’. The actor had starred in Nagraj Manjule’s films Fandri and Sairat. Nagraj Manjule is a famous Marathi director. He has also received national awards for his outstanding work of art. Nagraj Manjule’s films are always different. Due to their uniqueness, they have made a special place in the minds of the fans.

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