Man drags traffic cop on car’s bonnet for 500 meter in Delhi


New Delhi, Jagran Correspondent. In the Delhi Cantt Police Station area, the driver of a car passing at a high speed on Monday night indicated the police to stop. The scene after this became very frightening. Actually, the driver slowed down the speed of the car after seeing the police and then increased the speed and tried to escape from the spot. At the same time, seeing the car in front, the Delhi Police soldier stationed there jumped on his bonnet. The constable then hung on the bonnet and kept asking to stop, but the driver did not apply the brakes.

After this, after driving the car for nearly 500 meters, the driver hit the brake and knocked down the police constable and escaped. However, after chasing for one km with the help of other traffic policemen and people around, the accused was caught. After information arrived, the police registered a case on the statement of Constable Mahipal and arrested the driver Shubham and his friend Rahul who were sitting in the car.

According to the police, the deployment of constable Mahipal Yadav was in Delhi Cantt on Monday night. All the policemen were checking vehicles on the road from Dhaulakuan to Tilak Nagar. Meanwhile, Mahipal indicated to stop seeing the high speed car coming.

On seeing the police, the car driver reduced the speed of the car, but as soon as Mahipal reached in front of the car, the accused driver increased the speed of the car. To avoid this, Mahipal had to jump on the bonnet of the car. Significantly, in addition to Ghaziabad adjoining Delhi, there have been many such cases in Faridabad and Gurugram in which traffic policemen have tried to drive vehicles.

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