Man arrested, woman jailed for beating traffic police, jailed


Even in the Corona crisis, irresponsible people are the ones who are harassing the police who are protecting the citizens. In the Kalbadevi area, a constable who was keeping the traffic system running smoothly was beaten up by a woman. Angered by the action, the woman attacked the police.

Eknath Parthe, who works in the Kalbadevi transport department, was handling traffic at Cotton Exchange Naka on Thursday afternoon. At that time, Mohsin Nizamuddin Khan (32) was passing by without a helmet when Parthe stopped him and took action. But Mohsin refused to pay the fine and started arguing. At that time, Sagarika Tiwari, who was sitting on the bike with him, got angry and ran towards Parthe.

Sagarika then grabbed the collar of Parthe’s uniform and started hitting him directly. In the middle of the night, she insulted and beat up Parthe. Without stopping, she broke the button of Parthe’s shirt and threatened to fire her.

The role of citizen watchers

Other citizens were in the role of watchdog when this type started. Mohsin was filming the beating on his mobile phone. After Parthe lodged a complaint in this regard, L.T. Marg police filed a case and arrested Mohsin and Sagarika.

Call the woman upside down

While taking action, Parthe was politely talking to both of them, saying ‘Sir and Madam’. But even then, Sagarika started beating him by pushing and shoving him. While this was happening, Parthe continued to speak politely with restraint. However, the woman claimed that the police used abusive language. The traffic police have clarified that there is no fact in the allegation.


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