Maharashtra Rains Hit Vodafone-Idea: Heavy rains hit Vodafone-Idea over Vodafone, network collapses


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Vodafone-Idea (Maharashtra Rains Hit Vodafone-Idea) has been hit hard by torrential rains in the state. It has been raining heavily in Pune for the last two or three days. The rains have caused a technical breakdown in Vodafone-Idea’s network service. The network of both the companies has collapsed (Vodafone-Idea Network Down). The collapse of the network has left customers frustrated. Heavy rains from the company caused technical glitches after customers complained, and the network collapsed, it was revealed.

Customers using Vodafone-Idea’s network had to face difficulties. According to the information received, customers in many districts of the state were affected by the network collapse. When it was raining, customers had to face a ‘no network’ when they were trying to make a phone call. Showing ‘No Network’ made it difficult for customers to make phone calls. As a result, customers were annoyed by not being able to communicate. Eventually customers approached the company through Twitter and other social platforms. The company then revealed that the network had collapsed. (Also read, Pune Rains Update: Heavy rains in Pune district, Sharad Pawar’s Baramati Tudumb, many houses flooded, 40 lives saved in Indapur)

Showing ‘No Network’, many customers did not know exactly what the problem was. Some customers felt there was a problem with their own phone. So he opened the mobile, ejected the SIM card and put it back in the mobile. However, customers reacted angrily by contacting the company on Twitter after realizing that it was not catching up with the network.

Heavy rains are falling in Pune district including Maharashtra. The return rain this year has been a bit more pleasant than usual. Therefore, it is time for the citizens to call the rain ‘Aata Pure Re Baba ..’ Heavy rains are falling in many places in Pune district. There has been heavy rain in some places.

Heavy rains have been witnessed in Pune city area since Wednesday night. It will rain heavily on Wednesday night, Thursday throughout the day and this morning as well as last night. The rains caused waterlogging in all parts of the city. Water on the roads too. Water seepage was also seen in some places in the houses of the citizens.


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