ljp convenes central parliamentary board meeting saturday 3 october 2020 amid seat sharing dispute in nda chirag paswan can take big decision


The Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) has called a meeting of the party’s Central Parliamentary Board tomorrow, on Saturday 3 October. According to information from the sources, Chirag Paswan can take a big decision in this meeting amid the ongoing tussle over seat sharing with the NDA.

On the other hand, the claimants seeking ticket from LJP are stuck. Every single day is spent in restlessness. Nomination of candidates for Bihar assembly elections has also started. However, the fact that whether the NDA share will remain LJP or not is not yet decided. The ticket contenders are particularly upset about this.

The biggest dilemma of ticket claimants is that they are not in a position to speak openly in their area. After all, in whose favor will they speak? It is not decided whether to stay in the alliance or not. In such a situation, on what basis will the future candidates seek votes from their supporters? This is the reason that ticket contenders have been in Delhi for several days and are constantly meeting their national president Chirag Paswan and other party officials.

They keep a close watch on every activity of NDA constituents. Most of the old LJP leaders, MPs and MLAs are asking their national president to continue in the NDA. At the same time, there are some who want LJP to contest alone. If the LJP enters the field alone, it will field candidates for at least 143 seats. At the same time, if the party enters the election field by remaining in the NDA, then its candidate will get a chance.

It may be noted that 42 candidates of LJP were in the fray in the 2015 assembly elections under NDA. This time JDU is also a part of NDA. JDU’s claim is quite high. In such a situation, it is difficult to get LJP seats equal to 2015 under NDA. The second problem is that even if the LJP fights under the NDA, it is not decided what seats it will get. It will be decided on the seats, who will get the ticket and who will not. In 2015, the LJP won two seats. On the other hand, LJP candidates lost to Male by just 272 votes in Tarari Assembly.

In such a situation, LJP is not willing to give up the seat at any cost. At the same time, BJP also wants to field its candidate on this seat. For all these reasons, LJP ticket contenders are very upset. LJP supremo Chirag Paswan has had several rounds of talks with top BJP leaders and this is continuing. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see how the camel sits.


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