khabro ka punchnama-warning! taking medicines for covid-19 without proper knowledge can take you directly to the hospital – beware! Are you going to eat sunny medicines to avoid corona? Stop, it can also take you to the hospital., Watch news Video



People now seem unperturbed about the Corona virus. While the graph of the corona continues to grow. Governments are repeatedly appealing to the people that the Corona is necessary to protect their own safety … but now neither social distancing is seen on the streets nor people are wearing masks …. Also another big The matter is unfolding here …. Actually cold weather is common in such a situation, but the fear of corona is so common among people that instead of getting tested, Kovid-19 without the prescription medicines of infected people Taking it yourself without consulting a doctor ….. Watch Khabro Ka Punchnama with Anurag Varma

18 Oct 2020, 8:40 AM


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