Kangana Ranaut lashes out at former Malaysia Prime Minister Mahatir Mohammad | Kangana Ranot told the former Prime Minister of Malaysia to be thirsty for blood, but in her tweet, the actress made two mistakes


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Kangana Runot, for the controversial tweet, described former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad as blood thirsty. However, in her tweet, she made two mistakes. The first mistake is that he called Mahathir the President of Malaysia. 3 minutes later, when he realized the mistake, he apologized for it and tried to rectify it. But during this time, he made the mistake of calling Mahathir as Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Both Kangna’s tweets

Kangana had earlier written in the tweet, “This man seems to be thirsty for blood. What is silly logic? Accordingly, Hindus have the right to kill Christians and Muslims in view of the massacres of the past? Being the President of a country They are talking stupid … Surprising. “

In the second tweet, Kangana described Mahathir as a typo error. He wrote, “Not the President, but the Prime Minister. I apologize for the typo. But he should be called Prime Monster.”

What is the matter?

On Thursday, there was a terrorist attack in the church of the city of Nice city in France, in which three people died. The attacker severed the head of a woman with a knife, while brutally killing two others. A few days ago a history teacher was strangled to death by Islamic fundamentalists in Paris for showing a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed in class.

When this vandalism in France was criticized, Mahathir justified it. He wrote in his tweet that Muslims have the right to be angry and kill French people for the massacres in the past. This tweet by Mahathir was fiercely deleted, which was later deleted.

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