Kamal Nath troubles increased on item statement EC issues notice and seeks reply in 48 hours


The former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and senior Congress leader Kamal Nath has been overshadowed by the Minister of State in the Shivraj government, Imarti Devi. The Election Commission has issued a notice taking this objectionable remark of Kamal Nath out of gambit. The commission has asked them to clear their stand within 48 hours.

State Women and Child Development Minister Imrati Devi wept bitterly at Dabra in Gwalior district on Monday on the remarks made by former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath. The video of his crying has gone viral on social media as well as appearing on local television channels.

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Earlier, Imarti retaliated to Kamal Nath over the objectionable statement and told the media in Dabra, ‘He (Kamal Nath) has come from Bengal. He does not have the decency to speak. What does he know to respect a Harijan woman? Such people have no right to live in Madhya Pradesh.

He said, “Mother and daughters are considered as Lakshmi in Madhya Pradesh and today he is abusing all the Lakshmis of Madhya Pradesh.” I want Congress President Sonia Gandhi to remove Kamal Nath from her party. “Imarati further said,” I used to think of Kamal Nath as a brother, but he is a monster. He said that in Madhya Pradesh on November 3, 28 Kamal Nath cannot win an MLA in the by-elections to the assembly seats.

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It is noteworthy that while campaigning for Congress candidate Suresh Raje, contesting from Dabra Assembly seat against Imrati Devi, Kamal Nath on Sunday said, “Suresh Raje ji is our candidate from Dabra. Simple-minded, simple. They are not like him. What is his name? Meanwhile, the people present there started loudly saying ‘Imarti Devi,’ Imarti Devi.

After this, Kamal Nath laughed and said, “Shall I name him (Dabra’s BJP candidate)”. You recognize him more than me. You should have warned me in advance. What is this item? “

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