Kamal Nath clarified on calling the former minister an item, said – name was forgotten – Kamal Nath clarified on saying item to former minister, said – name was forgotten


Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath (File photo).


Of Madhya Pradesh Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath (Kamal Nath) has said in response to the question arising out of his statement on Imarati Devi that he forgot his name, he does not insult anyone. The chief minister there Shivraj Singh Chauhan (Shivraj Singh Chauhan) has expressed a bitter attack on the Congress, expressing strong resentment. BJP leaders kept a two-hour silence as a protest. Shivraj, Congress president in this matter Sonia Gandhi (Sonia Gandhi) also has one Wrote the letter is.

in this matter Kamal Nath Giving clarification in Khandwa, he said that he has not insulted anyone. He said that he had forgotten the name. Kamal Nath said that “I had said something, it was not an insult, did not think, I did not remember the name, I cannot remember the name, I should say something … I was item number 1 on our platform today Rajnarayan Singh, item number two was Ajay Singh ji, item number 1, item number 2, item number 3 is the name of someone in this list. So today Shivraj Singh is looking for an excuse. Sat down in hunger that I have insulted someone. Kamal Nath does not insult anyone, I open your poll with the truth. ”

On this statement of former Chief Minister Kamal Nath, the entire BJP became an attacker. In Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj along with his cabinet colleagues, the other big leaders sat silently for two hours in Gwalior, Indore. He broke the silence and attacked. Shivraj Singh said, “You called me naalayak, naked and hungry but made a comment against the sister of a Scheduled Caste, the word of regret did not come out, this is the extent of shamelessness.” Now you are interpreting that comment.

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