Jayant Patil: Many BJP MLAs eager to join NCP; Jayant Patil’s secret blast – many bjp mlas eager to join ncp after eknath khadse resigned says jayant patil


Mumbai: Eknath Khadse’s NCP entry has finally been sealed. Eknath Khadse has resigned as a BJP member today and will join the NCP on Friday, according to state Water Resources Minister Jayant Patil. He has also made it a secret that many BJP MLAs will join the NCP with him.

In private, many people have expressed their desire to join the NCP along with Khadse. People who agree with Khadse’s leadership will have no problem in joining NCP. Also, it will not be possible to hold assembly elections in Karona period, so it should not be a constitutional problem for 10 to 12 MLAs, so these MLAs will not join NCP later, informed Jayant Patil. This has been reported by a news channel

Meanwhile, Eknath Khadse has resigned from all BJP posts and will join NCP at 2 pm on Friday. At present, only he will be given admission and his supporters who are willing to come will be given admission in a few days, Jayant Patil has clarified.


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