It is important to be afraid … Discard the Corona virus … 850,000 unknown dangerous viruses exist in the world: report


NewDelhi: Exclude the corona virus, there are also 540,000 – 850,000 unknown viruses in nature that can infect people. This report is from the World Health Organization (WHO). Please tell that the WHO has released three days after the outbreak of Myro virus disease in French Guiana. Reportedly, the virus is also spread through mosquitoes, with symptoms similar to dengue.

People of the world and India have been battling severe corona virus for a long time. This year, due to Corona epidemic, a lot of bad news has already come to grief that in the meantime, this report of prominent experts is threatening again. According to the report, in the future the world may experience epidemics more often that some of these will be fatal than the corona virus, and will be expensive to control.

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The global report is written by 22 leading experts from around the world.

According to the information, this global report on biodiversity and epidemics has been written by 22 leading experts from around the world, which was released on Thursday. This is the result of a workshop called by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services that focuses on the relationship between the risks of nature degradation and the growing epidemic.

Most (70%) of almost all known pandemics like Ebola, Zika, Nipah encephalitis, and influenza, HIV / AIDS, Kovid-19 are germs of origin of animal diseases. The IPBES report states that wildlife, animals and people These germs spread due to contact between. Experts agreed that it is possible to avoid the era of pandemics, but prevention is necessary from the right response.

Kovid-19 is the sixth global pandemic since the Great Influenza of 1918

The report states that Kovid-19 is at least the sixth global health epidemic since the Great Influenza pandemic of 1918, and although influenza had its origins in animal pathogens, like all pandemics, it began with fully human activities. Was inspired by. It has been reported that there are currently an estimated 1.7 million unknown viruses in mammalian organisms and birds.

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