IPL 2020, Umpire Paschim Pathak’s Unique Style Trends In Social Media


IPL 2020 : Kolkata Knight Riders v Sunrisers Hyderabad match was extremely tense. The 35th match of the IPL this season ended in a super over. The hero of this match was Kolkata’s Loki Ferguson. But at the same time, another person on the field ate well. And that was the on-field punch West Pathak

Paschim Pathak along with fellow Punch S Ravi took the field and raised eyebrows of many. This is because of their unique hairstyle. Many wondered who the five-legged rockstar was. But many put their fingers in their mouths when they found out that he is a Western reader who has been working as a referee for the last several years. Because Western Pathak had never been seen in such an incarnation before.

A unique style of standing on the field
In the past, you may have seen punches leaning at the waist and punching towards the non-striker end. Such a picture is rarely seen nowadays. Because in international cricket, umpires are seen standing their ground and playing their part. But the western reader was seen bending over it, putting his hands on his knees and doing punching. Therefore, Pathak says that the height of the ball and the impact and line can be accurately estimated while deciding the trap.

Pathak’s career

Mumbai-based Paschim Pathak has been working as a referee in domestic cricket since 2009. He has also played as a fourth umpire in many international matches. Pathak was the chief umpire at the 2012 Women’s One Day International.

Pathak Punch already in IPL

This is the third season of Paschim Pathak’s IPL. Earlier, in 2014 and 2015, Pathak had worked as an umpire in the IPL. In both of those seasons, he was the head referee for eight matches.

West Pathak is already in the discussion

West Pathak, who wore a helmet in 2015, was the topic of discussion. Pathak wore a helmet while playing the role of chief umpire in the Vijay Hazare Trophy. The reason for this was that in a Ranji match in Tamil Nadu, Pathak’s teammate Australian umpire John Ward was hit in the head with a ball and suffered serious injuries. At the time, Pathak was standing square foot in that match.

After witnessing the incident, Pathak started wearing helmets in local competitions of the Mumbai Cricket Association. However, after some time, Pathak had stopped wearing the helmet as he was more likely to make mistakes on the field.


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