IPL 2020: After losing against Mumbai, Ms dhoni says for next season’s sake they will give youngsters a chance | IPL 2020: Dhoni’s deceit after losing to Mumbai, says ‘it looks bad’


Sharjah: Chennai Super Kings (CSK) captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni), who was almost out of the IPL 2020 playoff race after missing eight of the 11 matches so far, said that keeping the next year in mind the remaining three matches The youth will be tested.

After a ten-wicket defeat at the hands of Mumbai Indians, Dhoni (MS Dhoni) said, ‘Such a performance hurts. We have to see where the mistake happened. This was not our year. Whether you lose by eight wickets or by ten wickets, it does not matter but it remains to be seen where we are at the moment in the tournament and this makes us sad.

He said, ‘We had to see from the second match where we were wrong. Rayudu was injured and the remaining batsmen could not give their two hundred percent. Luck also did not support us. In the matches where we wanted to bat first, we could not win the toss. When we bat first, there was dew.

Dhoni said, “A hundred excuses can be given for poor performance, but the most important thing is that we have to ask ourselves if we can play to the best of our ability.” Have we played according to our record so far. No, we tried but did not succeed ‘.

Dhoni (MS Dhoni) said that it is very important to have a clear picture for the next year.

He said, ‘There will be many ifs but next year. Young players will be tested in the coming three matches. Keeping the next year in mind, we will see who can bowl well in the death overs and who can withstand the pressure of batting. In the next three matches, new faces will be tried.

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