Internet service stopped in Karauli and Bharatpur, close watch on every activity


If there is no talk between the government and the leaders of the Gujjar community about the agitation today and tomorrow, then there may be a situation of jam in the state again. (File photo)

Gujjar Reservation Movement: In view of the warning of the movement, the administration has shut down Internet service in Karauli and Bharatpur from 12 pm on Thursday night.

Jaipur / Karauli. The activities of the government and Gurjar society in Rajasthan have intensified regarding the Gujjar Reservation Movement. The state government has started taking precautionary measures to maintain law and order, while Gurjar is trying to persuade the leaders of the society to hold talks to stop the movement from November 1. Under this, Internet services have been stopped in Bharatpur and Karauli districts. On the other hand, Gurjar leaders are also engaged in preparing future strategies for the movement.

In view of Gurjar society’s refusal to talk and their attitude to remain adamant for the movement, internet has been shut in Karauli and Bharatpur district from 12 pm on Thursday night. Police-administration is on full alert mode in both the districts. The intelligence agencies of the government are also keeping an eye on the activities of every second. Gurjar Samaj has announced the movement from Pilupura of Bayana in Bharatpur district from 1 November.

Gujjar Reservation Movement: 3 big announcements of the Gehlot government, trying to convince the Gujjar society

Attempt to talk to Gurjar leadersAt the government level, the cabinet sub committee is making a lot of efforts to bring Gurjar leaders to the negotiating table. The Gurjars in the Cabinet Sub Committee, Sports Minister Ashok Chandna and Medical Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma are trying to convince the Gurjar leaders. Under this, on Thursday, Medical Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma spoke to the convener of Gurjar Reservation Conflict Committee, Colonel Kirodi Singh Bainsla, but they have not been ready for formal talks so far.

Meeting in absence of Gurjar leaders
On Thursday, the cabinet sub committee of the state government formed to resolve the Gurjar reservation issue had also invited Gurjar leaders for talks, but no one attended the meeting on their behalf. Later, the cabinet sub committee met in the absence of Gurjar leaders. Medical Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma, Sports Minister Ashok Chandna and senior officers of the concerned departments were present in it. After the meeting, ministers Chandna and Sharma made three new announcements for Gurjars by holding a joint press conference and said that there is nothing left at the government level.


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