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The highest infection rate in the state since the outbreak of corona was found in September

Mumbai, October 1: The highest ever infection rate in the state since the corona outbreak was found in September. Corona infection rates have risen by nearly 4 percent. However, the number of tests is not increasing as much as it should. Former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly Devendra Fadnavis has written a letter to the Chief Minister urging him to focus on tests once again as the economy is facing a challenge to recover and five months have passed without extending the tests.

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In a letter to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, Devendra Fadnavis says that despite constant correspondence regarding the increase in tests, the number of tests has not been increased as required. As a result the infection is increasing more and more instead of decreasing. In September 2020, Maharashtra has the highest infection rate in the last six months. It needed to be further increased after the number of tests in the state increased by 42 per cent in August. However, only 26 percent more tests were performed in September than in August. 37,528 tests were performed per day in July, 64,801 per day in August and 88,209 per day in September. There have also been repeated suggestions from the central government to increase the number of tests. According to media reports, Hon. In a video conferencing with the Prime Minister, we expressed the idea of ​​increasing the number of tests to one and a half lakh. However, in reality, day-to-day tests appear to be declining.

The rate of corona infection in each month in the state is as follows. April (8.04 per cent), May (18.07 per cent), June (21.23 per cent), July (21.26 per cent), August (18.44 per cent), September (22.37 per cent). We also have the effect of increasing the number of tests. The infection rate had dropped from 21 per cent to 18 per cent in August after a 42 per cent increase in tests. It grew by 4 per cent in September to 22.37 per cent now. In this single month alone, 12,079 people died from the corona. This is the highest number in any month so far. On the one hand, a small number of tests are being conducted in the state. But in Mumbai, the situation is even worse. If the corona outbreak in Mumbai is to be prevented and the country’s financial capital cycle is to be revived, the rate of testing in a population like Mumbai must be much higher. However, an average of only 11,715 tests were performed per day in September. What was the result? Mumbai’s infection rate, which was 13.63 per cent in August, has come down to 17.50 per cent again in September. This means that the infection rate has increased by 4 percent. In July, the infection rate was 17.97 per cent. The daily average tests in Delhi have now been raised to over 40,000, Devendra Fadnavis said in the letter.

Mumbai is connected to many suburbs. There is a large movement of people from Mumbai to Konkan too. Therefore, even there, due to low tests, the incidence is increasing. The infection rate is 28 per cent in Palghar, 31 per cent in Raigad, 20.1 per cent in Ratnagiri, 27 per cent in Nashik, 27 per cent in Nagar and 22.7 per cent in Osmanabad. Even in some districts of Vidarbha, the number of patients is increasing many times due to non-increase in tests. In Bhandara, the outbreak in September was 663 per cent, in Gondia 496 per cent, in Chandrapur 570 per cent and in Gadchiroli 465 per cent.

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Published by:Sandip Parolekar

First published:October 1, 2020, 8:28 PM IS


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