India will play a decisive role in who is the President of America



– Indian Americans were the most supportive of the Democratic Party during the last presidential elections

– Important credit is given to PM Modi in making India more visible and popular around the world.

– Indians are one of the largest contributors comprising 1 percent of the population of American voters


Indian Americans in the United States are emerging as the highest-earning citizens in the USA, with an average income of 100,000. However, the national average income in the United States is nearly double. Where Indian Americans were the most supportive of the Democratic Party during the last presidential elections. This scenario has changed since then, especially after the 2019 Howdy Modi event in Houston, while PM Modi is widely credited for making India more visible and popular around the world.

Indians are one of the largest contributors to the United States electorate, comprising 1 percent of the population of the United States during the presidential elections. Major swing states such as Texas, Michigan and Pennsylvania have significant numbers of Indian-American voters. All are large South Asian communities and the margin of victory in the 2020 elections is likely to be low, even small changes can be decisive. According to the American Electoral Voting System, a candidate needs 270 electoral votes out of 538 members of the Electoral College.

Yes, one thing I would like to mention is that New York, New Jersey and California with high Indian population are considered as Democratic states and it is unlikely to have much impact in the 2020 elections, whereas in the swing states of 2020 elections During this it will be decisive. Now the question arises as to who will be more profitable for India. We have seen during the last 30 years in the USA that neither Democrats nor Republicans have a major influence on Indo-USA relations.

It all depends on how the Indian government manages its relations with its US counterpart. It is a matter of fact that PM Modi has the potential to turn Indian American voters and Bhamashahs towards the Trump lobby.

The Indian American community plays a key role in the hospitality sector, health care and IT sector in the USA. There is tremendous pressure on both sides to attract voters from these sectors. Most Democrats have attracted about 14 percent of the black population. While Republicans are mostly focused on the 14 percent Asian population, they can now move to Trump.

Just as the BJP targeted Hindu voters in India’s elections and won by a majority, Trump is targeting other Americans. This factor can prove to be an important factor in these elections. In other words, Trump is betting on 72 percent of the white population, which will prove decisive in these elections. Here, as Presidential election day draws near and the cases of Kovid-19 are increasing, more than 50 percent of voters are now focusing on voting by mail and for the first time in American history. is.

Trump is only focusing on the US economy and blaming China for Corona. Biden is emphasizing equality and racism in the United States. On the one hand, Democrats are liberal on immigrant policy. At the same time, Trump is emphasizing on local employment. There is no doubt that America’s GDP and unemployment rate were before the epidemic and Trump wants to take all the credit for it. While Biden is also blaming Trump for dealing with Corona. In the worst crisis period, 220,000 Americans have suffered.

However, only the result of the US presidential elections will tell the right picture. Although the media is still showing Biden as the lead, it is no surprise that we see Trump back in power as in previous elections. We are seeing how this historical event can get a new face in the next few days.

– Deepak Kavadia, political and social analyst associated with NRI Federation USA.


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