India US 2+2 Dialogue Live Updates Of Meeting Between S Jaishankar and Mike Pompeo, Mark Esper and Rajnath Singh



  • 2 + 2 talks between India and US started, agreement on several important agreements expected
  • Mark Asper and Mike Pompeo on one side and Rajnath Singh and S. Jaishankar on the other side
  • Signing of Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for Geospatial Cooperation
  • Rajnath Singh said – new ways of information sharing will open from BECA, we are happy

new Delhi
India and America are face to face at the negotiating table. The 2 + 2 dialogue between the two countries began on Tuesday. At the Hyderabad House on one side sat US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Minister Mark Asper and on the other side his counterparts S Jaishankar and Rajnath Singh. The Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for Geospatial Cooperation (BECA) has been signed between the two countries. Apart from this, what else was discussed in the 2 + 2 conversation, know all the updates:

BECA agreed on both countries
BECA was finalized in negotiations between the two countries. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said in the 2 + 2 talks, “We are happy that we have now completed the BECA which will open up new sources of information exchange. We are eager to discuss other matters with the US.”

Our economies have suffered. We are trying to revive the industries and service sectors. Our engagement becomes more important in the context of current challenges. We both believe in a rule-based system and democracy.

Rajnath Singh, Defense Minister

Meeting held at Hyderabad House.

Our bilateral relations have grown strongly in the last two decades. At a time when it is important to maintain a rules-based international order… together we can tackle regional and global challenges.

S. Jaishankar, Foreign Minister

Will discuss from China to Corona: Pompeo
US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said at the beginning of the conversation, “Today is a special opportunity for two great democracies to get closer. We have much to discuss today to promote peace and stability in the region – cooperation in the epidemic From the face of the Chinese Communist Party to security and freedom. “

  1. What is BECA?
    BECA means Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for Geospatial Cooperation. This is a very special agreement that the US makes with its closest countries. Since this opens up the way to share highly sensitive and classified information, BECA becomes very important in such a situation.
  2. What will be gained from this?
    BECA is intended to be a partnership of geospatial data, including nautical and aeronautical charts. Once the agreement is signed, India will get accurate data from the US satellites which the military can use. In addition, maps, nautical and aeronautical charts, commercial and other unclassified imagery, geodetic, geo-physical, geo-magnetic and gravity data will also be shared.
  3. What does India benefit from BECA?
    Data sharing will take place on both sides but BECA benefits India more. He will get access to military grade data with the help of which the target can be located with precision. For example, military grade coordinates can be used to target missiles or bombs launched in the air at a terrorist base, that too. Captain Vikram Mahajan (Rita.) Says, “The data from this agreement will be of great use. The launch-range navigation and missile targeting accuracy will increase. Given the current circumstances, this data will work on India’s western and northern borders.” Can come. “


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