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new Delhi. In view of the Corona virus, Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said on Thursday that the government has signed ‘Air Bubble Pact’ with 16 countries for international flights. He told that the government has already signed this agreement with Oman, Bhutan, America, Canada, Germany. The government is discussing a compromise with Italy, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Ukraine.

Let us know that the ‘Air Bubble Pact’ is a bilateral air corridor being set up to give relief to them amid travel restrictions imposed by various countries due to coronovirus. Despite the ban, the government is one of the countries to launch repatriation campaigns to bring the stranded Indian abroad. Soon after, the government thought of setting up to make travel easier through the ‘air bubble pact’.

Since May 6, the government has brought home 20 lakh Indians trapped abroad. The aviation minister informed that special international flights are being operated under the ‘Vande Bharar Mission’. With this, 17,11,128 overseas Indians have been brought home and 2,97,536 have gone out of the country. Passengers who want to take advantage of international flights, it is necessary to know these rules of ‘air bubble pact’.

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India has signed an ‘Air Bubble Pact’ with the US, Germany and France in the initial stages. The 16 countries with which India has signed the agreement include France, Germany, USA, UK, Canada, Maldives, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan, Kenya, Bhutan and Oman.

What is Air Bubble Pact
The Air Bubble Pact is a temporary arrangement to resume commercial flight services between the two countries, which has been closed due to coronaviruses. Under the arrangement, airlines of both countries are allowed to operate. In contrast, in Mission Vande India, only India is allowed to operate flights.

Difference between Vande Bharat Mission and Air Bubble Pact
The Air Bubble Pact is a bilateral agreement between two countries that allows people to travel independently without official registration. But in Vande Bharat Mission, it is necessary for the traveler to register himself with the Indian Embassy to go out of the country. In ABP, both countries have the option to increase flight and allow prices to be reduced. But no flight is allowed to fly independently in Vande Bharat Mission.

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Will tourist visa be applicable under air corridor
Yes, some countries like Dubai, Bahrain, Afghanistan have allowed tourists to fly into the country with some restrictions. However, most of the flights are still flying to send back stranded Indian nationals, OCI card holders and diplomats. If a country has not allowed a tourist visa, Indian citizens cannot fly to these countries. You will need a valid visa to enter countries that do not allow tourist activities.

Will more countries be added to this agreement?
The aviation minister has said that the government is also negotiating with other countries for operating international flights under this agreement. These countries include Italy, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Ukraine and Thailand.

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Are there any restrictions for flying in air bubble pact countries?
Yes, not all countries allow visas for all categories. It is only between the countries covered under the Air Bubble Agreement. In this, you do not have to do extra paperwork such as registering yourself online and at the embassy to fly in and out of the country. For example, people holding valid tourist visas (tourist visas) are not allowed in India.


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