India can use Pakistan’s Pulwama admission to get them blacklisted by FATF, says VK Singh – should kill shoes openly …


On the Pulwama attack, Pakistan minister Fawad Chaudhary said in Parliament that “we entered and killed the house”. After this statement by the Pakistan minister, many BJP leaders are seen as attacking on the sharp question raised about the attack on the central government. Former Army Chief and Minister of State for External Affairs in the Modi government, VK Singh also responded to this and attacked the opposition.

Singh said that after the attack some people were saying that the government had carried out this attack. On such people, the public should not believe at all, rather I would say that they should wear shoes in the open. VK Singh said that earlier this same party had talked about saffron terror, wanted to give it a big form. It is worth mentioning that on February 14, 2019, just before the Lok Sabha elections, when the terrorist attack on the convoy of security forces in Pulwama took place, the opposition surrounded the Modi government.

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah also accused the Modi government of attacking himself. Abdullah had said that the Modi government itself is behind this attack because he wants to win the election. Abdullah then said that India should request that a United Nations committee be formed to investigate and disclose evidence of damage in the Balakot attacks.

The Pakistani minister said in his statement that the Pulwama attack is an achievement for Imran Khan. However, after growing uproar, he reversed his statement and tried to save his life by presenting it in a new way. Chaudhary said in the National Assembly, “We entered and killed Hindustan, our success was led by Pulwama Imran Khan. We all participated in this success. “

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