In the first phase, all parties played bet on the upper castes ‘forward card’


In a state where there is politics in the name of Dalits and backward, this fact will be a little strange. But this is true of politics. In the first phase of Bihar elections, almost all parties have played the ‘forward card’. Forward card means to field the upper caste candidates. The list of the first phase is directly telling this story. The great thing is that the name of CPI is also included in this.

16 upper caste candidates in BJP’s first phase list
The BJP on Tuesday night released the list of candidates for the first phase. First you have to name a few… Atul Kumar from Bikram, Vijay Kumar Sinha from Lakhisarai, Gyanendra Singh Gyanu from Flood, Raghavendra Pratap Singh from Barhra and Amarendra Pratap Singh from Ara. You must have understood a lot with these names. Overall, BJP released a list of 27 candidates for the first phase, out of which 16 are upper castes (Rajput-7, Bhumihar-6 and Brahmin-3).
Here is the list of BJP’s first phase candidates ..
1st Phase List of BJP Candidate for BIHAR Legislative Assembly Election 2020 as on 06.10.2020

If the ruling and BJP’s allies JDU and HAM, both parties have placed bets on 10 upper castes out of 40 candidates in the first phase. These include 5 candidates from the Rajput fraternity and 5 from the Bhumihar fraternity.

CPI is not far behind in forward card
The CPI i.e. Communist Party of India has also expressed confidence in the upper castes in the first phase. It is another matter that most of the cadres of this party come from Dalit and backward communities. Despite this, the party has played bets on the candidates of two upper castes ie Bhumihar Bihari.

Nitish-Sushil could not answer whether LJP is now in NDA
Actually on Tuesday, there was a sudden news that Nitish Kumar and Sushil Modi would hold a press conference in Patna. The schedule was fixed at Hotel Chanakya at 5:00 pm. Actually, the media cell of the BJP is also working in this hotel. But when the press conference started, it was very difficult to decide whether NDA seat sharing was being discussed or Chirag Paswan. However, under pressure from Nitish Kumar, BJP had completed its exercise 2 hours before this shared press conference. State BJP President Sanjay Jaiswal hurriedly held a 31-second press conference and tried to show that Nitish Kumar is the leader of the NDA and he who does not accept his leadership will not remain in the NDA.
But Nitish gave the answer to Chirag .. Watch video …

Nitish To Chirag: CM Nitish replied to Chirag, said- JDU would not have helped if Ram Vilas could not have climbed the stairs of Rajya Sabha

Know about the sequence of events
Now let’s go around 5:00 pm – at a press conference in the presence of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi and all the big leaders of both the parties. It was started by Nitish Kumar and formalized the same old thing that JDU has got 122 seats and BJP 121 seats. Immediately after this formal announcement, journalists started questioning what kind of alliance it is A constituent is questioning the functioning of the AAP and is promising to investigate the seven-faith scam when the LJP-BJP government is formed. Nitish tried hard. He kept repeating that he has nothing to do with who speaks, yes it is definitely a different relationship with Ram Vilas Paswan.

He threw the ball perfectly in the BJP’s court. Everyone started looking at Sushil Modi. Sushil Modi also reiterated the point of Sanjay Jaiswal. He said that if the need arises, we will also go to the Election Commission and no one else will be able to use Modi’s name except the parties involved in the NDA in Bihar. Actually he was misleading the question. The question was straightforward whether LJP is a part of NDA even after Chirag Paswan’s decision, whether Ram Vilas Paswan will continue to be a minister at the center or not, whether LJP will be expelled from NDA or not. Sushil Modi did not give any direct answer to these obvious questions.

Neither Nitish nor Bhupendra Yadav could give a clear answer on LJP
Yes, he reiterated the old words of Amit Shah and PM Modi, in which both senior leaders praised Nitish. During this time, questions were raised on Chirag. Then Bhupendra Yadav of Bihar in charge of Bharatiya Janata Party took over the mic. He also expressed faith in Nitish. Praised their programs. Told Modi’s vision. It was also told that it would be implemented in Bihar, but he also did not have the answer to the question whether Ram Vilas Paswan’s party is a part of NDA or not. When the question could not be answered, Sanjay Jaiswal thanked the press and the press conference was over. That question still stands.

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