Imran Khan persecuted fear of splitting Pakistan into three pieces | Imran Khan is afraid of India, know the secret of his fear


Islamabad: It feels good when enemies are afraid of you. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is passing through the same fear of India these days. Which every Indian will love seeing.

Fear of losing the chair
However, his real fear is that the chair is lost. At the same time, they are afraid of exposing their lies and leaving Pakistan’s illegally occupied Kashmir. This fear does not allow Imran to sleep in peace nor to sit in peace.

Pakistan is worried about breaking
Imran’s fear is also necessary and helpless. They took all measures. In Jammu and Kashmir, they also encouraged the promotion of terrorism, and by propagating the world over Jammu and Kashmir. But neither did Imran’s terrorist friend work nor his lies. On the contrary, they are now afraid of breaking of Pakistan. To hide his fear, Imran Khan is trying to cover the skin of lies. To hide the truth

Hindustan wants to break us into three pieces: Imran Khan
Openly expressing his fear, Imran Khan says that the policy of India is that Pakistan should have three pieces. Why are they afraid of Pakistan? Do not think, why Israel has been engaged for 30 years… because they are afraid of the Pakistani army. They know that Pakistani army is the strongest army of the world. Nuclear is an armed army.

Hindustan and Israel formed alliance
Talking to a news channel of Pakistan, Imran Khan said that Nawaz Sharif is conspiring with Indian and Israeli lobby. All the enemies of Pakistan are mixed with them. Among them, India is at the forefront, Israel is mixed. In America, the lobby of India and Israel works together.

Hussain Haqqani’s collusion with India and Israel
Imran claimed that he knows the American system very well. The lobby works there. The lobby of Israel and India is very strong among them. Hussain Haqqani is also mixed with them. Imran said that there is a government in India which is the most anti-Muslim.

Displeased with PM for not praising
Imran Khan expressed his displeasure that when Nawaz Sharif was PM, Modi used to praise him (Nawaz) but I do not why Nawaz Sharif has met him. Imran alleged that Nawaz’s illness is money. Nawaz does not know how much money he has. Imran said that the STATE POLICY of India is that Pakistan should be broken into three pieces. Israel also wants Pakistan to break from inside.

Pakistan should not be like Soviet Union: Imran
It is called frustration of a loser. The Pakistan army has surrendered to India four times from 1947 to 1999. Imran Khan is showing fear of that army to India. Imran Khan says that he wants that what happened in the Soviet Union should also happen in Pakistan. Pakistan breaks inside. They do all these conspiracies. Who is fighting Shia Sunni?

Procession was carried out against Muharram against Shia Muslims
Please tell that in September this year, before Muharram, Shia Muslims were directly threatened in Pakistan. This mob came on the call of terrorist organization Sipah-e-Sahaba and as soon as the crowd started, the game of instigating the Sunni community against Shia Muslims in Pakistan. A game that is played in different cities of Pakistan.

The crowd chanted ‘Shia Kafir Hai’
The platforms change, the masks change, but this platform of death against Shia Muslims goes on increasing from city to city. In Karachi, the public crowd shouted slogans of “Shia Kafir Hai”. Threatened to kill Shia Muslims.

Minorities are not safe in Pakistan
This is the real truth of Pakistan. Where people belonging to the minority community are safe. Na Shia and Ahmadiyya community have lost their lives .. But Imran Khan has no other way to hide the situation in Pakistan. That’s why they are lying. The truth is that Imran has been shaken by the rebellion of the opposition.

Public raised voice against Imran Khan
The people of Pakistan have raised their voice against the Sultanate of Imran Khan. The huge rally of Gujranwala has given sleep to Taliban Khan. However, he is claiming who can remove the elected Prime Minister.

Imran Khan is busy removing his anger
To erase his anger, Imran Khan says that no one can say how long I am in power, humans try whether I am in power or not, I will put people on the streets. Whatever Imran says, but knows that the army has not selected him. After inflation, unemployment and rising poverty, there has been a revolt against them. The rest of the chair is left.



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