If there is an app then there is a ticket! Mobile overload on local crowd, Railways rejects state government’s five-point plan


The state government on Wednesday sent a letter to the Railway Ministry asking them to start local trains for all, along with a ‘panchasutri’ to reduce train congestion. However, the Central and Western Railways have objected to the government’s ‘Panchasutri’. Although the government has said that the crowds should be divided at different times, this measure will not work for ‘pickover’. Railways has sent a letter to the state government saying that if it wants to divide the crowd in time, it will have to bring a special mobile app like Kolkata. As a result, the general public’s hopes of local travel have been dashed.

1 Western Railway started 1367 rounds as before but to maintain ‘social distance’, only 9.6 lakh passengers can be transported in a locomotive with 700 passengers.

2 To maintain social distance, only 22 lakh passengers are now able to carry 9.6 lakh passengers on the Western Railway and 12.4 lakh on the Central Railway.

3 Running Ladies Special every hour will reduce local round trips for male passengers, increasing congestion at the station.

4 In Kolkata, a modern system should be developed in the same way that passengers use the app to get tickets on time.

The Western Railway used to carry 35 lakh passengers daily through 1367 local ferries daily before Kovid-19. At that time an average of 2560 passengers travel in each locomotive. 7.30 am to 11.30 am and pm. 5.09 to Ra. 9 In this pick-up, 4,500 passengers travel in one locomotive on the Western Railway.

Currently, only 704 rounds are being operated on the Western Railway due to Corona. Although the Western Railway has started 1367 round trips as in the past, if it wants to maintain ‘social distance’, it can carry only 9.6 lakh passengers in a locomotive of 700 passengers.

Ladies specials per hour are not feasible

Ten Ladies Specials are run on the Western Railway. In general, 23 per cent seats are reserved for women. Central Railway runs four ladies specials. Of the nine locomotives, 27 are reserved for women. The state government’s proposal to run an hourly women’s special is not feasible. Running a ladies’ special every hour will reduce the number of local round trips for male passengers, which will increase congestion at the station, the railways said.

Transport of only 22 lakh passengers

The Central Railway also used to carry 45 lakh passengers daily through 1774 round trips before Kovid-19. It is also said that a train carried 4500 passengers at the time of pick-up. At present, Central Railway is operating 706 rounds and even if it runs a total of 1774 rounds, it will be able to carry only 12.4 lakh passengers instead of 45 lakh if ​​it takes 700 passengers in each round as per the rules of Kovid-19. The Western Railway carries 35 lakh passengers daily and the Central Railway carries 80 lakh passengers. But to maintain social distance, only 22 lakh passengers are now able to carry 9.6 lakh passengers on the Western Railway and 12.4 lakh on the Central Railway.

The UTS app also lacks crowdfunding technology

Once the local is open to the general public, tickets will have to be made available to all. The UTS app, which sells mobile e-tickets, which is currently closed, will also have to be opened. The app does not currently have the technology to ban ticket purchases for certain categories. So in order to reduce the crowd, a special class has to find a temporary stopping technology. West Bengal has taken steps in this regard in Kolkata. The state government had also discussed the development of such an app at a meeting with Railways on October 22 and 27. Railways is ready to give all inputs to the state government and the state government should find a solution.


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