If Khadse wanted to leave the party .. Girish Mahajan’s explanation


Jalgaon: BJP MLA Girish Mahajan commented in Jalgaon on the talk of Eknath Khadse leaving the party. He attended the party meeting in Mumbai, so you don’t think he will leave the party. If he had wanted to leave the party, he would not have attended the meeting. “As I am a junior activist, I can’t persuade him,” Mahajan said. Girish Mahajan was participating in the agitation at the District Collector’s Office under the leadership of MP Raksha Khadse. This time he was talking.

The Jalgaon BJP protested the government, alleging that the alliance government had failed to stop the atrocities against women. Girish Mahajan criticized the government for increasing the number of atrocities against women during the period of Maha Vikas Aghadi in the state.

It is not a good thing that women are being abused anywhere, as such incidents are on the rise and such men should be severely punished. Such a reaction was given by former minister Eknath Khadse. Eknath Khadse has said that we will increase the pressure on the government to prevent such problems in future.

We will not support such incidents wherever they occur in the case of women. The incident took place in Uttar Pradesh and now we are protesting. Raksha Khadse said the Uttar Pradesh government and the Union government were looking into the matter and would suspend two officials in this regard. Will you demand resignation of Yogi Adityanath? Speaking on the occasion, MP Raksha Khadse said that the Yogi government has taken action against the culprits. Therefore, there is no question of asking for resignation, she said.


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