‘I am sorry that Sambhaji Raje spoke partially’; Vijay Vadettivar’s explanation – Marathi News | MP Sambhaji Raje did not speak fully, said Minister Vijay Vadettiwar


Mumbai: The atmosphere in the state is very hot due to Maratha reservation. It is now being speculated that the dispute between MP Sambhaji Raje Chhatrapati and Minister Vijay Vadettiwar is likely to escalate. Sambhaji Raje had claimed that Vijay Vadettiwar had asked, “Why don’t you come to OBC?” After this claim of Sambhaji Raje, now Vijay Vadettiwar has given an explanation.

According to ABP Mazha, Vijay Vadettiwar said, “I do not know what Sambhaji Raje meant by his statement or what he did wrong. My statement, my speech was clear. “We have repeatedly said that Dimti of Maharashtra had a Bahujan Samaj. The role of kings should not be monolithic. They are the descendants of Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj,” said Vijay Vadettiwar.

He tried to paint a picture that our role is against the Marathas, the Maratha community. My reaction to that was, if you want to come to OBC without affecting our reservation, ask for a different one, separate its cadre, I clearly told Maharaj. But Maharaj spoke partially, not fully, so I am sorry, Vijay Vadettiwar has clarified this time.

I am an activist working for OBC, born in OBC community and fighting for OBC. OBC will not allow the society to get worse. I will fight for the OBC community, I don’t care about the ministry. The society is angry, it needs justice, I will fight that battle, “Vijay Vadettiwar also clarified.

What exactly did Sambhaji Raje say?

I am very sad because of Vijay Vadettiwar. I have made it very clear that I do not want reservation from OBC. Vijay Vadettiwar had told me that he was ready to make a reservation from OBC. I said please don’t do that. I don’t know why Vijay Vadettiwar is behaving like this, said Sambhaji Raje. Also I never said draw a sword. Vijay Vadettivar has a crush on Sarathi and me. He’s coming out again. Attempts are being made to create controversy in Maharashtra. There are some churches in the ruling party. The media misinterpreted my statement. Vijay Vadettiwar spoke to me one and now speaking the other, I request them to join hands. Sambhaji Raje had said that they should not do that, they should listen to my entire speech.

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Web Title: MP Sambhaji Raje did not speak fully, said Minister Vijay Vadettiwar

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